Important Information About Camping in Denver

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things to do in Denver

Denver is known for its lush and exciting natural environment, so this means that when you are looking for things to do in Denver, you want to consider camping. Camping in and around this city comes in many forms, from luxurious cabins to simple tents in the woods. Having a little information about the basics of camping in Denver will make it easier to make the best choice for you.

Choose the Right Camping Spot

There are millions of acres to choose from when it comes to camping in this city, so the task of picking just one can seem daunting at first. Breaking it down by the type of land will help to narrow down your choices.

things to do in Denver

Federal Lands: Federal lands account for approximately 14 million acres spanning two National Grasslands and 11 National Forests. There are campsites in both, ranging from rugged terrain to areas that are developed and include a variety of amenities, such as water, restrooms and fire rings. Campers can make camping reservations in advance.

Colorado State Parks: There are over 4,000 campsites throughout these parks. You can choose between cabin and tent camping all throughout the year. Many campsites include amenities, such as electrical hookups, restrooms, playgrounds, shower facilities and laundry facilities.

Private Campgrounds: Public campgrounds are usually the most luxurious in terms of the offered amenities. They have things like playgrounds, laundry facilities, hot tubs and Wi-Fi.

Proper Camping Etiquette and Preparation things to do in Denver

If you are familiar with Denver weather, you know that it can change very fast, so it is important to dress in layers, so that it is easy to stay comfortable no matter the weather. Make sure to contact the campsite and know in advance if you will need a permit or pass to camp. You want to have a map of the campsite and trails so that it is easy to find everything and quickly get to your campsite. Remember that you are responsible for fully cleaning up and properly disposing of all trash throughout and after your camping trip to keep the land clean and safe.

Camping Supplies to Bring things to do in Denver

When you are camping, you want to make sure you have everything necessary for comfort and safety. A sleeping bag, pillow and some extra blankets are a good place to start so that you are comfortable and warm if the temperature drops at night. Water, food and the items you need to cook and enjoy them are important. A first aid kit, sunscreen, toilet paper and pest repellant are important. Other items that are helpful on a camping trip include lanterns, rain gear, camp stove and bags to easily collect trash.

As you can see, when you are making a list of things to do in Denver, camping should be close to the top. Camping gives you a chance to really see and experience the natural wonders that the Mile High City has to offer.

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