Kid-Friendly Daytime Activities in Denver

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romantic things to do in denver

When it comes to things to do in Denver, if you have kids, you want to make sure that you find the best activities for the entire family to enjoy. This will help to think of ways to spend your weekends as a family having fun and broadening your horizons.

Denver Zoo

People of all ages enjoy seeing and learning more about animals from around the world. This zoo has over 4,300 animals for people to come and look at.

romantic things to do in denver

You get up close and personal, helping you to learn more about the animals and bond with your family at the same time. You can bring a lunch or enjoy food from a variety of establishments inside the zoo.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This museum is adjacent to the zoo, so you and your kids can enjoy both of them on the same day. Take in an IMAX film for an immersive experience in science. Check out exhibits on dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies and the mysteries of space. There are multiple exhibits that are fully interactive, so you and your family will get a fun experience that is hands-on and educational.

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

romantic things to do in denver

This massive park is outfitted with 53 different rides, including a lazy river, 17-story Flyer swing and a 10-acre swimming area. Fly down water slides, relax by the pool and spend an adventurous day with your entire family. There is a specific area in the park for very young children too, ensuring fun activities for all ages.

Downtown Aquarium

Explore a variety of aquatic animals with your kids and enjoy an array of colorful fish and other sea creatures. Kids can swim with the sharks, feed stingrays and even pan for gold. There are mermaid shows and kids can work with a marine biologist to see what working with sea creatures is really like. There are opportunities to spend the night here too, giving kids a full experience and allowing them to literally sleep with the fishes.

Denver Trolley

romantic things to do in denver

This open-air streetcar look almost exactly like the one featured on the children's television show Mister Roger's Neighborhood. You and your kids can hop aboard and enjoy an educational tour seeing Denver in a completely new light. A fun tour guide will provide information about the history of the Mile High City and help everyone on the tour see how Denver became how it is today.

As you can see, there are a number of fun kid-friendly things to do in Denver that you can enjoy. Spend the day together as a family engaging in all sorts of activities to bond and grow.

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