Things to Do in Denver

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Denver is a cultural melting pot with something for everyone. From skiing to golfing, cooking classes or fine dining, for the very young and the young at heart, Denver has it all. There are so many things to do in Denver, day or night, weekday or weekend, throughout the seasons, Denver is the place to be.


things to do in downtown denver

For the winter adventure seeker Denver offers some of the world's finest and most renowned ski slopes, trails and resorts. Ski the same mountains some of the world's best skiers have conquered. After a exhilarating day of skiing settle back with a warm brandy or hot cocoa while trading stories with friends and family in front of the fireplace.


Nighttime comes alive with music concerts and venues including the full Karaoke experience for the budding star. Theatre lovers will enjoy performances pairing zen with kung fu with a Shaolin encounter. Dance clubs energize its participants with line dancing, break dancing, hip hop and techno. 


things to do in Denver

Restaurants galore will satisfy the finicky palate. From coffee shops to gourmet cuisine there are endless choices. Many chef owned restaurants compliment their neighborhoods with speciality menus created to tantalize the diner with unique eats. Many of their creations come from locally produced delights. Denver also boasts about having the best tacos and green chilis in America, to which most locals agree. 


Denver lures the artist and art lover with its multitude of galleries, museums and art districts. Art, nature and science museums are a great way for families to spend quality time together when seeking out for things to do in Denver. 


things to do in Denver

Graffiti is not frowned upon in Denver as it is in many metropolitans in fact it is encouraged and embraced with an annual festival. Street art adorns buildings, walkways, and homes and are admired by thousands of onlookers. Public art doesn’t stop there however, it is riddled throughout the city as an expression of Denver's cultural diversity. This is an opportunity for art lovers to oggle free art as they stroll along the city streets.


Denver encourages the strength of family by offering a host of family friendly activities. Theme and water parks are always a fun thing to do in Denver. Kids and kids at heart will welcome a day at one of these parks. It is sure to offer a day packed with excitement, thrills, food and memories. If this isn’t heart pounding enough, families can enjoy exotic animal habitats or kayaking and rafting while exploring natures wonders.


things to do in Denver

Shopping doesn’t escape one of the many things to do in Denver. A mega mall offers free shuttle rides and stops at each corner. The mall also houses 12 movie theaters to stop in and rest for while enjoying one of their newly released films and numerous eateries to enjoy.


Denver is a non-stop, non-sleep city waiting to be explored. It embraces everyone as it opens its culturally diverse arms and welcomes visitors and residents alike to share in its splendor.

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