Top Late Night Things to do in Denver (Not Just Bars

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Late-night entertainment in Denver spans well beyond visiting the nightclubs, dancing, or visiting a bar. In fact, there are plenty of late-night things to do in Denver that does not involve wasting the evening at local watering hole. From comedy shows to a local burlesque, there are night activities that are perfect for an evening of entertainment.

Text-A-Saurus Show

At the Bug Theater on the exclusive Bug Stage is the Text-A-Saurus Show. It is unlike anything out there, and indeed a great late-night activity. For the show, four comics get together (and are led by comedian Deacon Gray). During intermission, the audience is told to tweet or text suggestions to the team. For the second act, the comedians will take those ideas, but they will not know them until they are back on stage.

The entire show is fun, full of surprises, and each one is different.

Off the Clock

things to do in Denver

The Off the Clock show at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret starts every Saturday night and is a fun burlesque show that has music, magic, and dancers. It is hosted by the Pierre Jean Pierre St. John, and the audience goes on an adventure in the art of burlesque shows. The show goes all the way until the next morning, not even starting until 11:30 pm. Those that want to experience the show further can purchase a VIP pass.

The VIP pass offers a tiara or fedora, and the VIP guests are often called onto the stage to participate with the dancers.

The Denver Bike Bar

things to do in Denver

The Denver Bike Bar takes the bar tours to a whole new level. Instead of walking or taking a limo, these tours are done on a pedal bike with a group. The tour stops at seven local pre-arranged bars participating in the tour. It can take up to 16 participants, with a minimum of 10 peddlers, five loungers, and one tour guide.

The Grawlix

Also at the Bug Theater, this fun show starts around 10:30 pm. It is only hosted on the last Friday of every month and is a major comedy show that brings in big crowds – so those looking for things to do in Denver last minute may not find tickets to this show.

things to do in Denver

The Grawlix show has stand-up comedy and sketch comedy that always features special guests. Those that follow comedy shows would know most of the special guests, which include guests from the web series Funny or Die. Some have been on Comedy Central stand-up shows as well.

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Those looking for late-night entertainment can go to the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. This hip spot in downtown brings in hilarious comedians from all over the state. The late-night shows at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse are some of the best, and the acts include musical improv, stand-up, and group stand-up acts that are the perfect end to any night out.

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