6 Things to Do In Denver after Sunset

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things to do in downtown denverColorado is best known to be a hub for winter sports and mountain hikes thanks to the many resorts hiding in the Rockies and the charming appeal of many of its small towns. However, its capital is slowly becoming well-known thanks to its livelier artistic appeal, which offers luxury shopping, gourmet meals, and long nights. Young and old alike will find many more things to do in Denver after sunset than at its remote resorts.

1. City Park Jazz

Those visiting Denver during the warmer half of the year will find the weekly Jazz Nights event at the City Park Bandstand to be the perfect scenario for a soulful eve of relaxation and romance. Every Sunday evening, the park turns into a free dance floor for all those who wish to take advantage of the balmy weather. Meanwhile, the Botanic Gardens, best known for its daytime strolls in the Water Gardens, also offer a series of free outdoors concerts during the summer.

2. First Friday Art Exhibits

date night ideas denverThe first Friday of every month is now a mandatory date for all art lovers in Denver. Those in town for said dates will find plenty of things to do in Denver and its different art districts until very late at night. Many galleries, especially in the Santa Fe Art District, the Golden Triangle Museum District, and the River North (RiNo) City Park Bandstand organize exhibit openings for First Fridays or offer free admission for extended hours. Nearby cafes and food trucks also double their shifts in order to keep everyone energized.

3. Touring The Micro Breweries

Denver's past as a mining town has provided the city with a unique bar culture, as well with an expanded micro brewery scene that long predated the nation-wide trend. For the hip and fearless, a tour of the city's micro breweries is among the top things to do in Denver. This can be done as part of an organized tour or as a spontaneous quest - it's a matter of asking people around the Warehouse District.

4. Visit the Boettcher Music Hall

music denverAn evening concert at the Boettcher Music Hall can be a stylish way to close a date night, or simply a music lover's natural impulse. The variety of performers and superb acoustics of the Music Hall will certainly make for an evening to remember. Afterwards, a quick walk around the surrounding Denver Center for Performing Arts will allow visitors to gaze at the 50-feet giant statues that grace its grounds.

5. Dining At Union Station

As one of the city's trendiest shopping hubs, nights last longer and count for more at Union Station. While late night shopping is not for everyone, the many restaurants and bistros inside the station will offer a cozy alternative to have fun while surrounded by impressive architecture.

things to do in downtown denver6. Live Music at the Hi-Dive

People looking to truly experience Denver's new indie community should look for the trendsetters in its natural habitat: the Hi-Dive Club. Accompanied by a playlist that rotates hits and obscure songs from all sub-genres of contemporary rock, the Hi-Dive is best known for its cheap beer and irresistible alternative vibe.

A big city that has made the explicit effort to nurture a new generation of young and creative professionals, Denver offers both its visitors and locals with a packed schedule of after-sunset activities.

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