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Of the many cultural attractions in Denver, one shouldn’t forget the bustling and vibrant literary scene. Proof of this is the city’s collection of bookstores scattered throughout its various neighborhoods. Bookworms and readers alike will surely find something to their taste at one of these locations; making a pit stop at each one part of the many fun things to do in Denver for the literary-minded. Some of these shops even have cafes in-store so readers can enjoy a cup of coffee, a latte, or an iced tea while they peruse a good book.

1.      Tattered Cover Bookstore

With four locations throughout Denver, Tattered Cover Bookstore is known as a Denver icon in the book world. The store mainly has a wide selection of new titles. Two locations have cafes inside the store, with a selection of organic and fair-trade coffee and teas, not to mention pastries, cookies, muffins, scones, bagels, sandwiches, and more. This is the largest independent bookstore chain in the city and must be checked out at least once.


things to do in Denver

2.      The Bookies Bookstore

The Bookies Bookstore is arguably the best-stocked bookstore in Denver for children’s literature. The staff even labor over reading lists for local schools. This store is a no-brainer for those with children, or those looking for the perfect book for a young child.

3.      West Side Books and Curios

Regularly regarded as Denver’s best used and old book shop, the store beats many other used outfits for its cleanliness and organization. Visitors will find zero tottering stacks of haphazardly piled paperbacks here.


things to do in Denver

The selection is lovingly curated and stocked by the owner, a book-lover herself, and has both new and used titles. The staff is particularly knowledgeable, too, and can help guests find just what they’re looking for.

4.      The Hermitage Bookshop

The Hermitage Bookshop is where book lovers go to find the hard-to-find. This store specializes in vintage, antique, and collectible books – the rare, the scarce, and the treasured. Its underground location makes it seem like some sort of mythical trove of books one would only read about in fiction. There’s also plenty of non-fiction and fiction for anyone who simply desires a casual browse.



things to do in Denver


5.      Kilgore Used Books and Comics

Comic-lovers, here’s the spot to find local and independent comics from near and far. The store boasts its own self-published quarterly as well as a documentary. There are not only comics here, though; the store also stocks science fiction, poetry, and a selection of fiction.

6.      Printed Page Bookshop

Serious collectors should find a home at Printed Page Bookshop, which stocks books and manuscripts from eras as late as the sixteenth century. 


things to do in Denver

This is an antiquarian shop with a plethora of first editions, rare books, ephemera, and tomes of historical significance. This is the place to find a rare treasure, where old book nerds will find a haven.

7.      Fahrenheit’s Books

For the stereotypical experience of the maze-like used bookstore, Fahrenheit’s Books is the spot to stop. This bookstore is for those who love the challenge of finding that perfectly vintage edition of Pride and Prejudice, or a new addition for their pulp paperback collection. The store is particularly well-stocked in non-fiction and poetry, so lovers of these genres should take note.


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