Things to Do in Denver to Relax

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things to do in DenverRelaxing is different for each person. For one it is sitting with a good book, doing nothing but reading; for another, it is hiking through the Rockies during winter. Whatever the definition, there are many things to do in Denver to wind down and relieve stress.

Spa day

There are several spa resorts located in the Denver area that make getting rid of stress and anxiety a pampering, soothing experience. Massages and saunas can sooth tense muscles. Many of the spas incorporate the nature of Denver, because of how much being engaged in the landscape of the area can enhance the experience.

Visit the botanical gardens

things to do in DenverWhile the winter lights in the Denver Botanical Gardens are something that draws many visitors, the gardens at any time are a place that many will find worth enjoying. They are a natural beauty with many places to sit down and relax with a good book, a picnic lunch or just to meditate.

Enjoy the wildlife of Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

There is catch and release fishing, bird watching and simply enjoying the different forms of wildlife and greenery at this spot. Being a wildlife refuge means there are protected species to be seen that may not be seen anywhere else.

Ride to the movies

things to do in DenverPeople can jump on a bicycle and pedal over to the Civic Center Park for a nighttime movie in the great outdoors during summer. These are on Wednesdays and a place that many go to wind down at the end of the day. The films are vintage fare, even if just within the last couple of decades, but a good place to go and get both exercise and some culture.

Take a train ride

The Denver area is known for many railroad rides. Sitting down in one of the many trains through some of the historic sites and enjoying the scenery can be a calming, soothing experience. It’s also a way to get to know Denver a little better, as well as enjoy some first class accommodations and food. The rail lines that offer these rides have a variety of activities in which customers can engage, if they so choose. Some specialize in gourmet dinners in their dining cars; others include murder mystery shows as part of the experience. The ability to sit back and not have to drive while taking in the Colorado landscape tends to be very calming.

 things to do in Denver

Hiking through the Denver

Taking a day hike is considered a good way to release tension. There are several different areas around Denver where individuals, families, groups of friends or couples can enjoy a day out on the different trails. Denver is home to waterfalls, hiking with canine friends, intense mountain hikes and simple trail walks. Whatever is desired as a way to lower stress from the day or just in general, there are plenty of places to get on the road and walk. The abundance of beautiful nature makes finding a spot to indulge in good trails easy.

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