Four Incredible Ways Music Affects the Mind and Body

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Music has incredible powers when it comes to the human mind and body. It has an effect on emotion, memory, and learning. It can either be relaxing or unnerving. It can make the listener happy or incredibly sad. A great classical performance can bring an audience to its feet or leave them in stunned silence and tears. Music has been proven through multiple studies to have a powerful effect on the mind and body, and to influence them in more beneficial ways than one.

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#1 Music Affects Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and recognizethings to do in Denver the emotions of oneself and others. The ability to empathize is part of emotional intelligence, being able to pick up on the emotions of others, identify with those emotions, and act appropriately. Music touches the emotions, whether positively or negatively. When an individual listens to music, they are usually able to discern when emotion is being portrayed in the piece – whether it’s happy or sad. The more someone listens to music, the better they become at recognizing emotions, which transfers to emotional intelligence. Sad and happy music even has an effect on how individuals perceive facial expressions. Furthermore, emotional intelligence fostered by music can teach the difference between perceived emotion and felt emotion, knowing the emotion without actually feeling it.

#2 Choice of Music Can Determine Personality

things to do in DenverAlthough not a hard science, music choices are definitely effected by personality. Just like certain personalities are attracted or compatible with other personalities, music can be compatible or incompatible with certain personalities. This is one reason as to why certain musical genres can be annoying to some people, and yet soothing to others; or distracting to one person, but could help another person focus. Knowing oneself enough to know what music helps focus and which one is a distraction, or which one is annoying and which one is enjoyable, can help create a better environment where the mind and body can thrive.

#3 Classical Music Can Improve Attention

Classical music has been proven by various studies to have a beneficial effect on the mind in more ways than one. From helping memory and math skills to being a soothing and relaxing technique for stress and anxiety, classical music is the choice of many doctors and experts for children and adults. Studies have proven that classical music can help focus and attentiveness and build imagination and creativity. This is why many doctors and experts advise parents to have their babies exposed to classical music so that their attention span is developed more fully and at an earlier age.

#4 Music Can Change Moods

things to do in DenverListening to music regularly, or even attending a performance, can drastically change a person’s mood and mentality. Since music has a direct effect on emotion, it makes sense that it could change someone’s mood, making them go from happy to sad or sad to happy. It can soothe and relax, reducing stress hormones. Furthermore, listening to sad music can even be cathartic as an individual identifies with the sadness, helping to heal those emotions.

Musical Performances Give Denver Residents and Visitors a Chance to Get Away

Denver has an ever-growing music scene. With multiple venues, the region’s only full professional symphony orchestra, plenty of open-mic nights to check out the local talent, there’s no shortage of things to do in Denver. And, heading out to a musical performance or concert not only benefits the mind and body, but it’s a day or evening of culturally rich experiences that are unforgettable.

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