Things to Do in Denver for Locals and Tourists Alike

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things to do in DenverPeople who live in Denver may get tired of doing the same old thing every weekend and want to expand their experiences to involve new activities. Denver is a fairly large city that has plenty of entertaining things to partake in, even for those who have lived there for years. Those who plan on traveling to Denver are surely going to want some activities planned for when they get there as well. People who want to find exciting things to do in Denver should be willing to try things they have never done before.

things to do in DenverMany of the Denver locals say they enjoy attending a symphony once or twice per month. A symphony can make for some excellent times with friends in town, and it can also be an excellent thing to put on the agenda for people who plan on visiting. Classical music is known for invoking emotions in people, and this can make for an exciting evening with friends or family. If someone wants to be uplifted, they can plan a trip when the orchestra is playing Beethoven’s symphony No. 7. If someone is in a dark and dreary mood, they can plan a trip when Chopin’s marche funebre is playing. Planning a trip when the right symphony is playing can do wonders for someone’s mood.

things to do in DenverSymphonies can also be exciting if people go in a group. When they do this, they can purchase group tickets and get them cheaper than buying them individually. People in a group may also want to rent a private seating area on a mezzanine so they can be in the company of only those they came with. Ordering a bottle of wine to enjoy on the mezzanine can make the night much more exciting than it would be sitting on the lower levels. Friends can also order a meal to enjoy while they listen to the orchestra play, so it’s possible to make an entire evening out of a trip to the symphony hall. Other Ways to Take Advantage of a Symphony Hall in Denver A symphony hall is going to put on live performances quite often, but most of them will also host educational speakers as well. A speaker teaching about music can make for a great family event. Many people think that a symphony is only something that’s for the adults, but children can enjoy it just as much.

things to do in DenverWatching musicians passionately perform can inspire children to pick up an instrument and develop talents of their own. Learning the intricacies of a musical performance from a guest speaker can be something that both children and adults enjoy, so don’t rule this option out when thinking of things to do in Denver. If a parent can successfully get their child interested in music, they may be able to encourage them to attend musical camps as well. A child can make new friends at a musical camp, and they can also hone their skills to perfection. Many children enjoy spending time away from home among people who enjoy similar hobbies, and a musical camp is a great way to provide them with this opportunity. A symphony hall is also a great place to find more information about the musical camps in town.

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