Try the Colorado Symphony for Interesting Things to Do in Denver

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 things to do in Denver

Throughout any given year, many people will pass through the beautiful Colorado state capital of Denver. While some will just be visiting, others will move here and all will seek out fun activities to pass the time on nights and weekends. Denver has plenty to keep its visitors and residents busy. Those that want to try something interesting that's somewhat off the beaten path should consider visiting a symphony.

Residents may not have known that there's a concert hall in the city that offers symphonic performances that is perfect for those looking for things to do in Denver. The symphony runs on seasons, with its calendar changing throughout the year. Of course, those that have never been enjoyed live classical music before may have a lot of questions, such as what to wear, if they can bring their kids, and if clapping is allowed. If an attendee feels more like themselves in jeans, they can wear them. Similarly, if someone wants to see the show in a nice dress or suit, this is also permissible.

 things to do in Denver

However, concerts may be a few hours long, so don't wear anything that would take away from the night's experience.  things to do in Denver

Of course, the symphony is not a totally adult experience. Children are allowed to enrich their lives through music as well, and going to see live classical music can do just that. Just keep the length of the performance in mind when bringing toddlers and young children, since they may not yet have the attention span for it. If not, it may be best to call a babysitter. Everyone wants to enjoy their night out, whether it's a friendly gathering, a date, or even a workplace function, so try not to take away from that. However, once kids are a little older, encourage them to see a symphony concert at least once, since it is a rewarding experience.

For total live classical music beginners, there will be a program on each patron's seat. This allows them to figure out what will be performed that night and when. Unlike other shows that patrons around Denver have enjoyed, like rock or pop concerts, most symphonic experiences don't call for clapping at the end of each song.

 things to do in Denver

By knowing this ahead of time, the patron won't clap in the middle of a tune and distract anyone else in the hall.

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