Video Game Music Comes of Age

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Video games have overtaken movies as the most enjoyed (in terms of revenues generated) form of popular culture. Statistica reports that video games created US$46.5 billion in revenues during 2014.

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There are now worldwide global contests where video game players compete in live settings and can earn up to a US$1 million per year as a “professional” video game player. The top earners are listed on eSports, with the top five earning over a cool US$1 million just for being the best at playing video games.

People of All Ages Love Video Games
Video games have moved up to the big time. VentureBeat reports that the average age of a video gamer is 31 and that women are increasingly playing video games. This trend in the enjoyment of video games is growing and even seniors are playing them. Because so much money is on the table, the production budgets for video games are also increasing. Nowadays there is more attention to detail in graphic presentation and quality.

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Video Game Music
Besides incredible improvement in graphics, there has been an amazing improvement in music. In the early years, video games were limited to the most simple pings and bongs. Music was not much of a consideration. This is no longer true.


According to Gamespot, before the 1970s video games were silent. Then in 1972 Pong became the rage, with it legendary beep. Moreover, who can forget the sound of the Pac Man eating the dots? Sound effects in video games became the norm during the 1980s and made the video games recognizable. By the late 1980s, video game music became an industry on its own.

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Playing video games is one of the things to do in Denver. Notice how much the music in video games has become a part of the immersive experience. Just listen to the incredible video game music found on YouTube. One terrific collection is called the “Top 50 Greatest Video Game Music.”

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Even if a person could care less about video games and never plays them, they might fall in love with the music. Some music is digitally produced; however, in most cases full symphony orchestras create this music. It is delightful. The music in video games now rivals any soundtrack in a major feature film.

Live Performances by Symphony Orchestra


All across America, live symphony orchestras are playing concerts filled with music from films. The music from the Star Wars movies is very popular while being presented by a live orchestra in a concert setting. Video game music is now joining the fun as live orchestras start to put on concerts that play this astounding music for all to enjoy.



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