Kitchen Trends Worth Emulating

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One never quite knows for sure what styles will take off and which ones will fade away, when it comes kitchen design. Regardless, being on the front-edge of a design trend is ideal. The following are some kitchen design trends that should be big this next year and are worth emulating:

Furniture-Inspired Design Features:

Because today’s kitchen is oftentimes the hub of the home, more and more furniture-like cabinetry is being utilized in kitchen design. In other words, where in the past there might be a simple island, now there is a beautiful piece of furniture that also happens to serve a practical purpose as an island.

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Touchable Textures:

Another look that is all the rage is the incorporation of textured and tactile materials into a kitchen design. This is most often added through the use of raw finishes, engineered stones or natural marble and granite in honed finishes. 


Brightly Colored Appliances:

There was a time when kitchen design sought to minimize or even hide the presence of appliances. For example, one could consider the refrigerators that were made to look like cabinets from the outside. Today, though, bold and out there is better. Bright red, show-stopping orange along with virtually any other color imaginable has made its way onto today’s appliances.

Impressive Fixtures:

Another interesting trend making its way into kitchen design is the presence of impressive fixtures.

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Kitchen design used to ignore (for the most part) the fixtures in the kitchen and focus only on the cabinetry, the countertops Sioux Falls, and other such elements. However, today, stunning works of art masquerading as sink faucets are all the rage.

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Patterns on the Wall:

Instead of simply painting, many homeowners are now opting to use retro-inspired wall coverings. Of course, this doesn’t always mean wallpaper; the look can be manufactured with various elements. The goal is to simply create a geometrical pattern (think 60’s retro look) on the wall, or backsplash, instead of painting every wall one neutral color. It is important not to overdo this trend; however, because too many patterns on the wall will seem overwhelming and busy. It is best to limit this trend to an accent wall. Kitchens are perhaps the most important room in the entire home. After all, homeowners can usually hide their home’s age through decor changes, carpet and paint in other rooms. However, the kitchen (and bathrooms) reveal the true age of the home. As a result, it is wise for homeowners to stay abreast of all current trends and seek to implement some in order to prevent their kitchen from looking dated.

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