Does Classical Music Need a Makeover?

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Often, when someone talks about classical music they use words such as "boring" or they say it "puts them to sleep." They may call it outdated or say that it is for "old people." However, many people consider classical music highly enjoyable, even in its purest form -- played by orchestral instruments off sheet music copied from classical masters such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and more. For them, heading to the symphony or chamber orchestra is always on their must list of things to do in Denver Colorado.


Denver is a Real Option for Classical Music Lovers

Denver, Colorado might not be the first place a person thinks of when they want to go hear classical music. Cities like New York or Philadelphia might be more likely to come to mind. But Denver, like many major cities across the U.S., is doing what it can to keep classical music relative, which means incorporating pieces or rock and jazz into performances. They may even add vocals, or embrace the themes of popular movies from genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and even children's or family film. Dance gets incorporated as well, which gives audiences something to watch as well as listen to.


The Classic Symphony isn't Going Away  things to do in Denver

Some classical music fans are not happy about changes made to symphony and orchestra concerts. Some go as far as to call the practice, "dumbing down," but there is nothing dumb about giving the people of Colorado more things to do in Denver Colorado. By casting a wider net, these venues are able to sell more tickets, and sometimes higher priced tickets since having a good view is more important when singers and dancers take the stage, rather than just a standard orchestra. No matter what type of classical music fan a person is, ticket sales are always key because they give new audiences the embrace the many sides of classical music, and they keep classic music venues open when it is time to just let the orchestra play in more of an "old school" symphony performance.


Modern Classical Music Lets Musicians Get Creative  things to do in Denver

As traditional classical music moves further and further into the past, some redefinition needs to take place in defining what classical music really is. Twentieth Century composers such as Leonard Cohen, Leonard Bernstein, and George and Ira Gershwin all had musical styles that many consider worthy of the classical music genre.

Across the country, classical music makeovers are working. Musicians are inspired to compose in the style where once they considered the music "untouchable" if they weren't actually Mozart or Beethoven. Other musicians and conductors come up with unique arrangements and improvisations that feed their creativity and bring audiences something new.

Of course, no one needs to put on make up every day, and there will always be performances where purists can take in a symphony without the bells and whistles when they are looking for things to do in Denver.

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