Denver, The Mile High City

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Denver has Something for Everyone
things to do in Denver There is a wide variety of things to do in Denver Colorado which cater to almost anyone's interests. Enjoy a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountain peaks surrounding The Mile High City by climbing to the top of the state’s capitol building. Go on a free tour of the facility where money is minted. People watch while having a cup of coffee or getting something to eat at one of the 28 outdoor cafes located on a mile-long stretch of a mall — decorated with 200 trees and 50,000 flowers — designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei. See polar bears, gorillas, lions, crocodiles, elephants, and Gila monsters at a zoo.

Performing Arts
things to do in Denver Colorado Denver‘s performing arts scene rivals that of what is found in New York City and Los Angeles. Attend classical music performances featuring the region’s only full-time professional symphony orchestra. Hear opera ranging from classic pieces by Wagner to contemporary compositions in an opera house built in 1878. See serious dramas and Broadway musicals on one of four stages in a theater complex. Watch full-length ballets performed by a company which includes studio dancers and those known nationally and internationally. Listen to an award-winning children’s chorale.

Museum aficionados will find plenty to explore and things to do in Denver. A museum of art has the world's greatest collection of Native American art and 68,000 other art objects, ranging from European masters to Old West pieces. Another museum contains 2400 artworks by renowned Abstract Expressionist painter Clyfford Still. A history museum interprets the state's history through high-tech and hands-on exhibits. A museum of nature and science exhibits everything from stunning prehistoric fossils to artifacts and displays about the exploration of outer space. A planetarium associated with the science and nature museum gives visitors unparalleled insight into the workings of the cosmos.

Natural Beauty
things to do in Denver Those who are interested in natural beauty will have found themselves in one of the most scenic locales in the country. There is a river park at the heart of Denver's 850-mile bike trail network which contains many attractions, including dozens of interactive "playscapes" for youngsters. Ride a trolley to a children's museum and an aquarium which contains stingrays and sharks. The largest park in the city has flower gardens, a jogging trail which is exactly one mile high, a golf course, several lakes, and mountain views. A 23-acre botanic garden in the middle of the city encompasses 45 separate gardens and 33,000 plants. Within the botanic garden complex is a Japanese garden, Alpine garden, children's garden, and the largest tropical conservatory in the country.

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