Doing Denver Right: 5 Fun Ideas for Couples

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Whether you prefer rugged outdoor sports or the fine arts, you and your partner will both feel right at home in the Mile High City. No matter what time of year or day of the week it is, there are always at least a few exciting, stimulating, and affordable things to do in Denver, Colorado. Explore brand new ways to enjoy each other's company by trying these five Denver date ideas.


things to do in Denver


1. Enjoy a Show at the Denver Performing Arts Complex

This iconic performance venue takes up four whole blocks and a dozen acres, so it's no surprise that it's the largest indoor facility of its kind in the entire world. From the acclaimed Opera Colorado and Colorado Symphony to a variety of Broadway-quality productions, there's always a fun reason to take advantage of this record-breaker.




2. Bike the Greenway

Trail Of all the things to do in Denver, outdoor sports are perhaps the most famous. Thanks to the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River, there's no shortage of options for outdoor enthusiasts, but things to do in Colorado one of the biggest perks is the city's system of bike trails. Challenge each other to a friendly along the South Platte River, along the thirty-mile Greenway Trail.

If you're visiting from out of town, don't worry about bringing your bikes; the Denver B-cycle program is a very affordable and sustainable bicycle-sharing program that's available to community members and visitors alike.

3. Check Out Denver's Public Art Installations

You can appreciate Colorado's amazing art without confining yourself to an indoor museum. There are so many public art installations that you can spend a whole day scouting the best pieces. things to do in Denver online Bring your camera along, and pose in front of one of these unique masterpieces:

• "Dancers" by Jonathan Borofsky - a 60-foot-tall sculpture of two dancers outside the Performing Arts Complex

• "Intermediate Line" by Bernar Venet - a 20-ton oval that represents the union of natural beauty and manmade rules

• "Good Fortune is Here to Stay" by Yuan Xiao Ceng - a bronze sculpture in the Denver Botanic Gardens, commissioned to celebrate Denver's sister city, Kunming

• "Mona Lisa" by Stefano Castronovo - a gigantic mural by a New York artist who replicated one of the world's most famous paintings, stamping his own first name on top




These incredible options, among many others, make Denver an excellent travel destination for couples who want to get away for the weekend. Even if you don't share the same interests, Denver is so diverse and eventful that it's easy to compromise, so don't be afraid to take turns picking activities. You might be surprised at what you enjoy!

things to do in Denver

things to do in Denver Colorado

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